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Cut-Off Machines

CCW - Taglierina a Filo SC1 - Taglia Tramezzini
CCW - Wire Cutters
SM 70 - Cotolettatrice
SM 70 - Cotolettatrice
CT Line - Taglia Panini
CT LINE - Panini Cutter SC1 - Sandwich Cutter

The Sandwich Cutter SC1 is a machine that BMB has designed to automatically cut sandwiches in squares or rolls in two parts.
The design features adopted show the extreme ease in cutting products, the simple design that facilitates cleaning operations and production format change to go from round sandwiches to square ones or vice versa. Due to a specially designed blade tooth and its intermittent motion at electronically controlled speed, the machine cuts all types of sandwiches without any problem (tuna and onions, arugula and speck, tuna and shrimp, etc.).

The wire cutters of the CCW series are semi-automatic machines for cutting soft products such as cheeses, polenta, etc. with a wire. The number and size of the cuts to be made on the product may be determined beforehand. The machine can be equipped with several supports for the cutting wires each different from the other due to the number and position of the wires themselves. The supports are easily interchangeable.

The CT LINE Panini Cutter is the machine that BMB designed to cut and open pieces of bread and focaccia automatically for companies producing these packaged products. Unlike ordinary manual or semi-automatic panini cutters, where the product must be opened after cutting, the novelty of this machine is that the piece of bread opens automatically as it is transported on a conveyor belt along a production line. In this way, as the operators who fill the panini find the bread already open in two pieces, they do not need to touch it to open it but only to close it after filling.

The series of machines for Precision Cutting SM with manual or automatic unloading represent the ideal solution for those who need to cut pieces of meat with or without bone, fish, cheeses or other foods in general in a very short time and with precision.

The machines are made entirely of stainless steel and have been designed and constructed according to standards regarding cleaning and operator safety. For this purpose the shapes have been researched specifically to limit the dust deposit and work residue. To facilitate cleaning the machine, the moving panels have been properly monitored with special safety devices that can instantly lock the machine in case it is opened. There are two versions of the SM chop cutter, one with standard electronic control and one with advanced electronic control which in turn is subdivided on the basis of the size of the cutting groove.

Technical Features

Taglia Tramezzini
Massima Produttivitą Dimensioni Spessore Max/Min.
Lunghezza Max.
SC 1 1675 tramezzini/h 2200x525x1356 mm 100-30 mm 200 mm

Taglio a Filo
Dimensione Canale di Taglio Taglio Standard Potenza Installata
CCW 300 300x190x400 mm filo centrale verticale 0,5 kW
CCW 300 S 300x190mm - lunghezza a richiesta filo centrale verticale 0,5 kW

Dimensioni Dimensioni Canale di Taglio Velocitą di Taglio Precisione di Taglio Spessore di taglio Alimentazione Potenza Installata
SM 70 1855x950x1487 mm 700x230x260 mm 150 tagli/min. 0,5 mm 5-100 mm 3PH+PE 400V 50 Hz 4,5kW - 9A
SM 70 E 1855x950x1487 mm 700x230x260 mm 150 tagli/min. 0,1 mm 5-100 mm 3PH+PE 400V 50 Hz 4,5kW - 9A
SM 110 2655x950x1487 mm 1100x230x260 mm 150 tagli/min. 0,5 mm 5-100 mm 3PH+PE 400V 50 Hz 4,5kW - 9A
SM 110 E 2655x950x1487 mm 1100x230x260 mm 150 tagli/min. 0,1 mm 5-100 mm 3PH+PE 400V 50 Hz 4,5kW - 9A

Taglio 2 Velocitą
(75-150 tagli/min)
Nastro Scarico Rulliere al Carico Touch Screen Software
Taglio Programmato
SM 70 optional optional optional optional -
SM 70 E optional optional optional di serie optional
SM 110 optional optional optional optional -
SM 110 E optional optional optional di serie -

Taglia Panini
Massima Produttivitą
10h Lavorative
Diametro Max. Prodotto Spessore Minimo Prodotto Spessore Massimo Prodotto
CT Line 8000 panini 190 mm 18 mm 120 mm

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